Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mullet Hairstyles For Men

What A Mullet Is?
There are some hairstyles that are so unforgettable that they deserve to be in the hall of fame. The mullet is one such style. This hairstyle was once so popular that men and women everywhere sported one mode or other of it. Although the style is said to have died out a decade ago, it would seem that the mullet hairstyles for men may be making a comeback.

To understand the style, one must understand exactly what a mullet is. Basically a mullet is considered a hair cut where the hair is short at the front and sides and longer in back. When the back is longer than the sides in a noticeable way, it is deemed a mullet haircut.

Famous Mullet hairstyles
There have been many famous mullets in the celebrity world. The most famous ones must be the "Billy Ray" mullet and the "Bolton" mullet. At the time, these were deemed very hot and sexy and other men copied it. These types of mullet had very short layered fronts and sides and the back was really long, at least mid back or longer.

The "dirty dancing" mullet was a bit more subtle as the front and sides were shorter than the back, but they had that tousled look, long enough to run your fingers through at least. A few other mullet types wore the front and sides spiked to make the length of the back really stand out. One such do like this was the "lost boys" mullet, girls just couldn't resist a sexy vampire with a mullet at that time.

Women had mullets too although for many the name was associated with the men's haircut. It had been around for a decade or two before the 1980's, when it really took off. This is because the 80's is when its popularity hit its peak and people were doing crazy and wild things with their mullets. Some would color the front and sides; others would tease the front or back to make one puffier than the other. The length of the back was always the main focus, the longer the better, especially for 80's rockers.

Hollywood today is proving that the mullet has not died and gone away. Recent awards ceremonies have had some very big names accepting awards with their own mullet style haircut. Although this is not the "hair to the middle of the back" 80's type of mullet, many are noticing the comeback. Today the celebrity mullets seem to be more subtle, for some you don't notice them at all till they turn to the side. Many would call these the mini-mullets.

Other celebrities outside of Hollywood are also sporting the new mullets, like sport stars. Many famous soccer players are coming out on the field with their own version of the mullet. None are close to the 80's version, but most are a bit longer then the Hollywood mini-mullet. Generally, the sport stars keep the mullet around the collar or shoulder length, and it is noticeable from the front view, unlike celebrity mullets that are generally not.
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