Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Women Straight Hairstyles

Straight hair is considered the owner�s prized possession and a cause of envy for many women. There are a variety of hairstyles that can be done on Straight and thick hair. Straight hair can be styled in to curls, an updo as well as worn the way they are.

The hair texture of your straight hair could either be fine, medium or coarse. It is advisable that you consult your hair stylist about the hairstyle which will suit your hair texture.
Some of the Women Straight Hairstyles are:
Women Straight Blunt Cut Hairstyles:

Blunt Cut is for those of you who have short straight hair. You can combine it with straight bangs or blunt fringes in the front.
Women Straight Layers Hairstyles:
Layers will add volume and movement to your straight hair at the back while the layers on the side will help in framing your face.

Another alternative is that you can get layers done at the ends, creating a textured look, which can be complimented by side-swept bangs in the front, softening the face and enhancing the over-all look.
Women Straight Lower Layered Bob Cut Hairstyles:

You can get this Bob Cut with layers at the ends. You can complement the overall look with long bangs in the front.
Women Straight Straightening Hairstyles:
If you have straight coarse hair and want to give a smooth finish to your hair, you can go in for Straightening with the help of a straightening iron which are light in weight.

You must make sure that your hair is completely dry and clean. Divide your hair into different sections. Take each section at a time and apply gel or styling mousse on the hair of a section. Press the straightening iron against the hair and move it slowly from top to bottom till one section is done. Comb your hair after each section is over. Repeat the procedure on all sections and you are ready to make the people crazy with your shiny and smooth hair.

Women Straight Blow Dry Hairstyles:
You can also blow dry your hair straight. You can take the help of your friend or sibling for doing this at home. Divide your hair into different sections. Take each section at a time and spray a little water on your hair. You can also use volume-enhancing tonic or mousse for that special effect.

Take a brush in one hand and blow dryer in another. Move the blow dryer along with the brush from top to bottom till you achieve the straight look. Repeat the procedure on all sections.
Women Straight Permanent Straightening Hairstyles:

Permanent straightening is the best option for those of you who have thick and healthy hair. Those of you who have weak and thin hair should avoid going in for permanent straightening.

In Permanent Straightening, a treatment is first given to the hair followed by hours of straightening with the help of straightening iron. The number of hours it takes for straightening your hair depends on the length of your hair. Then hair is rinsed and a solution is applied to the hair so that it remains permanently straight. But you should wash your hair only two days after the treatment is done.

Women Straight Curls Hairstyles:
For giving a different look to your straight hair, you can go in for curls. You can go to a salon for curls or do it at home with the help of curlers or rollers. Divide your hair into small sections. Take each section at a time and spray a little water on your hair. Wrap the hair on one of the section around curlers and roll it to the top. Tie it up with a pin. Repeat the procedure on all the sections.

Keep the hair for two to three hours. After removing the curlers, you must make sure that you do not comb your hair otherwise all the curls will open. You should use your fingers to remove the tangles.

The women's straight hairstyles you choose for your straight hair should depend on your hair texture, face cut, and your lifestyle.
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