Thursday, April 5, 2012

Long Hairstyles For Summer

This summer it�s all about the natural look. Ditch the chemicals, ditch straightening your hair. 2012 summer is all about looking fresh and clean, without overdoing it.

One of the first long hairstyles that I fell in love with for this season is the long and slightly messy �urban wave� look. I love this look for so many reasons. It�s subtle waves and the beach like, carefree feeling it gives off are two of the main ones, but also its easy to maintain nature.

How to get the urban wave is simple. If you already have wavy or curly hair, all you need to do is tame it slightly so that the waves are there, but not fully. Don�t be afraid to put a light misting of hairspray over it and shake out your head to give it that messy, carefree feel. If you have straight hair then pass a curling iron lightly through your hair to give it small, but noticeable waves.

Another stunning hairstyle that�s been on the rise is the ombre hair. Ombre hair is where the color is darker on the top and fades into a lighter (mostly blonde) color. This hairstyle looks best with wavy, long hair. It creates an amazing illusion that kind of reminds you golden waves.

The next hairstyle is for the more adventurous girl. Shaving one side of your head and leaving the rest long and flowy has really been taking many heads by storm. This punky �do really stands out and screams �look at me!� The area you shave is really up to you. I prefer it when you just take off the whole side.

All these long hairstyles are perfect for any style and are really taking this summer by storm. Try one out and you�ll see you�ll probably love it more than you think! Be a little adventurous this summer.
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