Sunday, April 29, 2012

Factors Affecting Hair Growth

There are lots of factors that can affect hair growth. Some of them can significantly slow down normal hair growth. There are also some things that people are using every day to help promote hair growing cycle but with little or no results at all. Let�s see what are they.
Four Things That Will Non Help Promote Hair Growth
These things will not help you to grow your hair faster and they are just waste of time and money.
1. Trimming split ends cannot speed up your hair�s growth, but it is very important part of proper hair care.
2. Experimenting with different shampoos or conditioners is also useless. You just need to use those that you hair likes.
3. Frequent brushing of your hair, such as 100 brush strokes per day, is also waste of time. As a matter of fact, if you do it violently, you can damage your hair tresses.
4. Getting a really short cut or shaving your head cannot help you grow your hair faster. It�s not that simple!
Six Things That Will Slow Down Hair Growth
There are lots of factors that can slow down hair growth, and bad genetics is just one of them. This list includes other things that can negatively affect growing of your locks:
1. High levels of stress and physical and emotional trauma.
2. Nutrient deficiency or, in other words, poor, unbalanced diet.
3. Frequent chemical treatments, such as relaxing, bleaching, perming.
4. Some medications used to treat diabetes, heart conditions, blood pressure or high cholesterol can be responsible for hair loss.
5. Sleep deprivation. If you do not sleep 7-8 hours, you will notice that this can  lead to slow hair growth.
6. Bad habits such as alcohol drinking as well as smoking will not good anything good for your hair as well.
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