Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hairstyles That Make Your Face Look Thinner

So you want a hairstyle that can make you look thinner. You want a haircut that can make your round face look longer.
It can be achieved. There are hairstyles that will make your face look thinner. On the other hand, there are some things you should avoid.
- Add subtle, natural highlights. This will work because vertical stripes of light and dark in your hair will make your face look slimmer.
- Add more volume in your hair. This is a very good way to make your face look smaller.
- Adding layers is another great way to soften your round face. You should try a longer, layered haircut that goes past the chin. When doing this, avoid letting your hair poof out on the sides because this will create width.
- If you have a round or heart-shaped face, do not go with a center part. Go with a side part. Also, if you part your hair on the opposite side of your natural part, this will lengthen your face.
- Two more hairstyles that will make your face appear thinner are asymmetrical bob and long shag.
- The chin-length bob should be avoided because it will frame your face and thus emphasise its roundness. This haircut also adds volume on the sides of the head, making your face appear wider.
- Blunt bangs should be avoided because they will not lengthen your face but make it look both shorter and wider.
- Do not for a super-short cut. This does not mean you can�t have short hair. You can but you need to add layers or volume at the top. For shorter hairstyles it is crucial that haircut does not end directly at the chin.
- Do not choose poker-straight hair because it will fall close to your head and make your face look heavy.

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