Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hot Hair Technique � American Wave System

What is the American Wave System? This hair technique is the latest, creative, and special wave and texture boosting service that hair experts work with to produce anything from full-blown curls,  cascading beachy waves to expanded textures.
With no dryness, damage, bad smells, or hair styling limitations, hair experts can transform the texture of hair that is currently curly, make use of the system to give fine hair types a volume increase, produce a mixture of numerous textures, and create waves and curls to women who would like them.
Rather than the age old perm rods, the New American Wave makes use of innovative soft tool and design wraps.
- The Beach Wave Technique. As the name implies, it is used to create the sexy, tousled beach waves. It uses American Wave and a vertical drag wrap soft tool technique.
- The Style Support Technique. It is used to add volume and texture to lifeless hair by creating a resilient consistent wave. It uses classic soft tool wrapping technique together with American Wave.
- The Expanded Waves & Curls Technique. It creates buoyant, resilient and dynamic wave and curl patterns. It uses a round soft tool wrapping technique.
American wave service price is $400 and requires certification. Stylists must attend workshops to obtain certification.

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